What Women Want From Today’s Employers

With more women graduating from college than men, and more women pursuing STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) than ever before, we may finally be at a tipping point to start closing the gender gap in the workplace. A very important question employers are asking themselves regularly in today’s society is not only what men what in the workplace but also what women want. Here is a list we feel is extremely important to women when looking for the perfect employer below:

Salary Satisfaction
Plain and simple: women want to be compensated well for the work they do. Make sure your company is compensating fairly and do your research to see what the market numbers really are. Also be sure to openly discuss with your employer is with quarterly check-ins and see if they are happy with their salary.

Paid Time Off
A very attractive benefit for women is a good paid time-off package. Women want the ability to manage their work/ life balance and to not have to worry about spending time with their family and friends on holidays or having time off for maternity leave.

Great Co-Workers
Our colleagues and the social environments cultivated by companies have a huge impact on how we feel about our employer. And while we won’t name names here, from small companies to large, women are reporting that there’s still a lot of work to be done in this department, citing uncomfortable work environment, boys’ clubs, and more.

Open Communication
Just like in relationships outside of work, women hold a high regard on open communication. Women want to feel comfortable going to their boss and openly communicate any troubles they are experiencing. Also being able to give input and ideas in the workplace without judgment is very important.

What’s most important to you when picking an employer?

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