Tips on Climbing the Corporate Ladder as a Women

  • Work Hard: There’s no way around this one. Hard work does pay off. Wanting to grow at your company but find yourself twiddling your thumbs throughout the day? Don’t wait around for projects- do them anyway and send them to your boss. This will show you go above and beyond and will really pay off in the end.
  • Make a Plan: If you already know where you want to be in the company take time to make a strategic plan on how to get there. This may consist of taking on new projects, doing work nobody else really wants to do, talking to your boss and making it clear where you want to be in __ years.
  • Leave to Get Ahead: Don’t see yourself growing in your current company? Does your boss not appreciate your skill set and hard work? Well there are tons of companies out there who will so don’t be scared to look for a different company who will appreciate you and allow you to grow.
  • Dress the Part: You don’t have to spend a ton of money and go purchase an entirely new wardrobe but make sure you’re dressing professional and when you put on your work clothes make sure you actually feel powerful. This will take you a long way and those around you will sense that “power” as well.
  • Speak Up: Are you finding yourself talking to yourself in meetings? Do you have great ideas but you’re scared to share them because maybe someone else who is higher up has another idea? Those who don’t ask dont get- this also goes with speaking up. Share your opinions, speak your mind. As long as you do it in a respectful way this will show you aren’t just along for the ride, but you’re ready to be the captain.of the ship.


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