Stylish, Ageless Work Fashion

Style icons like actor and model Lauren Hutton (aged 74), actor Angela Bassett (59), or style icon and influencer Lyn Slater (63) have proven one thing: there are no rules when it comes to setting trends, and the adage that you have to ‘dress for your age’ is officially done and dusted. Looking good at work in your 60s is very similar to that of any other decade. In essence, it involves dressing appropriately for an occasion, styling up serious looks with accessories, and making sure your suits, shoes, and bags, are either classics or in line with the season’s fashion trends.

Meetings don’t need to be boring

What differentiates a boring suit from a sexy one is all in the cut. Instead of a large-fitting blazer and wide-bottomed trousers, think sleek and fitting. Opt for a blazer that it is long enough to cover the hips if you like, but ensure your jacket fits nicely and the waist, and pair your suite with a crisp, white shirt, buttoning the latter all the way to the top for a serious look and jazzing up your outfit with chunky shoes, designer glasses, or statement earrings in the same hue as your suit. Check out suits by designers such as Alexander McQueen, whose suits frame the silhouette and can be jazzed up by pulling sleeves upwards towards the elbow or folding a wild sleeve cuff over a blazer or jacket.

Flattering your figure

The key to a flattering look regardless of age is to make the most of your strong points. That is, if you have great pins, don’t feel you have to wear a skirt that reaches beyond the knee; take the hem a couple of inches above the knee wearing an A-line style instead of the traditional pencil cut. If you are proud of your toned arms from all your gym workouts, feel free to wear sleeveless tops in materials such as silk or cotton under a summer blazer. If you have a beautiful chest, accessorize with long necklaces or a brooch at chest level, over the lapel of your blazer. Don’t go overboard with experimentation; aim to look professional and creative all at once. If you’d like to lengthen your body, a blazer over monochrome pants or a skirt suit works well to give the illusion of ‘verticality’. Go with tried-and-tested cuts (e.g. high-waist vs low for trousers or vice-versa), depending on what works best for your body shape.

Accessorize your looks

This season, ‘double bags’ (i.e. carrying a tote and a mini bag) are ‘in’, as are bags and wallets with animal motifs. Even when attending a serious meeting, show that you have an innovative spirit by wearing a trendy accessory. Even one piece of statement jewelry – or a watch from a classic haute horlogerie brand, can make a big impact on clients.

If there is one rule for women over 60s when it comes to fashion, it is that there are no rules. Dress in outfits that make you feel energetic and fashionable and always try to make the most of your figure. Finally, remember that even if you can’t afford to break the bank every month by shopping, you can live up classic outfits with the help of seasonal accessories.