Preventing Falling During Your Hospital Stay

Accidents or falling during hospitalization can occur in any patient, including those who are young and in good shape. When patients are admitted into the hospital for a surgery or procedure for childbirth or do to an illness it is likely that they aren’t feeling themselves once they get to the recovery room. From the very side effects of pain medication and anesthesia, to the soreness and exhaustion after surgery there are dozens of reason why patients are at high-risk for falling. Since falling can delay the healing process and cause health complications it is important to take note of what you can do to avoid falling during her hospital stay.

Become familiar with your surroundings. Know how to get around the medical equipment in your room and take note of any equipment or furniture that is on wheels. These items which can including your IV pole should not be leaned on for support.

Get set up. When you arrive in your recovery room, ask the hospital staff or your caregiver to get everything set up so that it is within your reach. This may include tissues, water, the remote and light cord.

Locate your nurse call button and remote. Both of these items should be within your reach. They will allow you to call the nurse for assistance and control the adjustments to your bed, lighting or television.

Wear non- skid footwear. It is likely your hospital will provide you with the proper socks I have grips on them, but in the event that you want to change into your own footwear, such as socks or slippers make sure that they are non-scared to avoid slipping.

Check around you and on you for medical equipment. Remember that if you’re hooked up to an IV pole it can be easy to get tangled in the tubes. Be conscious of other equipment that you may be hooked up to, from catheters to compression socks and monitors.

Ask for a walking aid such as a cane or walker.

Use rails for support– Use your bed rails for support, as well as the rails that are mounted in your bathroom and those that may be along the walls in the hallway.

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