Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Post Surgery Tips for Success

1. Follow your doctor’s orders and recommendations. Your physician has developed a plan for you to achieve optimal weight loss and recovery.
2. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Remember, you are undergoing a transformative operation-allow your body and mind time to recover.
3. Celebrate your successes. Take pictures or measurements regularly. Save your pre – op pants and go shopping for new ones. You are embarking on a lifelong journey with your new body and visual reminders will keep you motivated.
4. Seek help. It is important to monitor your emotions as you face the triumphs and tribulations of weight loss surgery. Support groups will give you a social network of people who can lend support and a listening ear. Furthermore, studies have indicated that the more often patients attend support group meetings, the more weight they lose!
5. Live your new life. Change can be scary, and along with a new body , you will have a new set of guidelines to follow to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Do not get caught up in what you can’t do, focus on all the new activities, attitudes, and relationships that will enrich your life.

What to Expect

Your doctor will create an individualized plan with postoperative instructions on diet and incision care. It’s critical to follow guidelines and attend all follow-up appointments . You can expect rapid weight loss throughout the months following surgery . You will likely be placed on a liquid or pureed food diet for several weeks, followed by a slow introduction of soft foods. You may experience side effects due to the rapid weight loss.

Long-term care will include a physical health plan as well as a nutrition plan , such as taking daily vitamin supplements to maintain good health. It is common to experience changes in your social and emotional well-being, and having a support group is advised during this life altering transition.

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