How to Stand Out in an Interview

There’s no way around it.. Interviews aren’t a walk in the park. We’ve all been there, going to interview after interview and feeling like we’re just another number on the list, right? It’s a bit discouraging to see a huge pile of resumes on the CEO’s desk as you walk in, but rest assured we have some great tips that will  make you stand out at your next interview below:

  • Be Kind to EVERYONE You Encounter: From the minute you walk into the building be extra kind to everyone you see. This includes the doorman, the secretary, the janitor.. Everyone! You never know if you possibly made a big impression on one of these people who will go to the hiring manager and put in a good word for you. Kindness goes a long way.
  • Research the Company: It may sound like a given but many people don’t spend more than five minutes researching the company. Take some time to really dig deep about the company and even the CEO’s reasoning for starting the company. Was it because of something emotional? Are they trying to help others? Does this mean something to you? Don’t be scared to share your thoughts and opinions about the company’s history.
  • Research Your Interviewer: You most likely will know the name of the person interviewing you- so look them up! Check out their Linkedin. See where they worked in the past. Maybe you even have an old employee in common. Also Google is a very powerful tool. Search their name. Maybe they have a blog or they work for a charity organization that you are also passionate about. Don’t be scared to bring up some kind “small talk” about them. People love when you ask questions about them as well. It’s a bit of a break from them having to be the one asking everything. Also it shows you care.
  • Incorporate the Company’s Values in Your Answers: Most companies list their company values on their “About” page on their website. If one of their values is “open communication” be sure to add that in one of your answers and how/why it’s important to you as well.
  • Send Thanks: Don’t forget to follow up with the person who interviewed you. One way to really stand out is to send a handwritten letter. A quick tip is to write these before your interview but don’t seal the envelope. After your interview is done jot something more personal down in addition to what you already wrote like “ Oh, and good luck taking your dog to doggy day care this weekend!” If this was something you chatted about during the interview. Simply walk up to the office manager and politely ask him or her to give this note to your interviewing manager.

We hope these tips helped you to plan for your next interview and good luck!


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