How to Negotiate a Raise

Has the time come for a raise at work? It’s never an easy subject to bring up to your boss so we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks that are sure to help!

Do- Stay Positive No matter what you do in life or work a positive mindset will always go a long way. If you are coming from a positive place when talking to your boss about a raise they will be more likely to want to listen and give you the raise you deserve. Also if your raise request gets turned down try to stay positive. Think about where you want to be a few years down the road. If your company can’t currently afford to give you a raise but are promising room to grow and a raise in the future it may be worth staying.

Do- Track Your Accomplishments Make sure to track your milestones with your current company. Have you helped a huge client stay on board with your firm? Did you have a successful work trip? Whatever the case may be make sure and track those “wins” so you can politely remind your boss of all the great things you have been up to.

Do- Research Your Company Make sure to know where your company stands financially. Look for any obstacles that may include recent cost-cutting or layoffs. If you find out of some of these obstacles you could let your boss know you would like to help in any way you can.

Don’t- Present Your Position or Salary as a Problem If you come to your boss basically saying your current job is a problem then this right away will turn them off and make them think you aren’t capable of your job or that you have a possible attitude problem. Come from a non-emotional solution based stand point and your boss will not only want to give you a raise but realize they can’t afford to not keep you on board.

Don’t- Act as a Sales Person Don’t go into this conversation looking to close a deal. Stay calm, logical and kind. Talk to your boss like they are human. ( they are!)

Good luck!


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