Fabulous After Fifty? Make Medical Alert Systems Your New Accessory

Your home is a sanctuary, but it can also be where you experience a medical emergency. Some of the most common medical emergencies include chest pain, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain, according to Emergency Department physicians. But what if you can’t get to a hospital during a medical emergency, such as in the case of a heart attack? Heart disease causes one in four deaths, and is responsible for killing one woman every 80 seconds, which is why it’s called the “silent killer.” To protect yourself in the face of an emergency such as the above, it’s essential to have a medical alert system in your home.

Medical alert systems are becoming popular, with sales of these devices being expected to hit $21.6 billion by the year 2020. But they aren’t just to prevent falls, which is often the reason why people around the age of 65 get them installed. Rather, there are other reasons why medical alert systems can be good to have in the home.

You Live Alone

More women than men over the age of 65 are living alone. You might love your independence and not want to leave your beloved home, and you don’t have to. Medical alert systems can give you and your loved ones greater peace of mind and ensure your safety. Using a medical alert system device such as a panic button you can carry around with can get you help if you need it, such as if you fall or don’t feel well. You can even use it if you need assistance with other things, such as if you can’t find your medication that you take daily. Not only will the emergency service be notified, but also your loved ones will also be alerted.

You Have A Serious Health Condition

If you have diabetes, you need to monitor your blood sugar levels. A medical alert system can help you remember to check your blood sugar by giving you reminders throughout the day. If you’ve just gone through a surgery that has left you weak and unable to move around a lot, it helps to have a medical alert system that monitors you twenty-four hours a day so that if something happens or you need medical assistance, it will be brought to you. This is also beneficial if you have any other condition, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, or others. A medical alert system monitors you by giving you a “home button” you need to press every 24 hours. This is known as life monitoring. If you don’t press the button, the monitoring system will be notified and emergency sent to you to check that you’re okay.

You’re Worried About Crime

Crime stats show 88 percent of burglaries are residential. Medical alert systems are known for their help during a medical emergency, but it can also give you greater home security. For instance, a medical alert system that has a two-way talk feature can be used if your home is being burgled so that you can notify the monitoring system. By installing a medical alert system, you can feel safer at home because help is at hand. That way, you don’t have to lose your sense of independence.

Home is your haven. Keep it that way by installing a medical alert system that can help you in the face of emergency, whether medical or otherwise. Whether you live alone, have a health condition, or are worried about crime, medical alert systems can give you greater peace of mind so you can go on enjoying your golden years.

By: Chrissy Sinclair