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Has your brand tapped into the power of social media, blogging and influencers?

If you haven’t, consider these statistics:

  • 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.
    (Source: BlogHer)
  • 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
    (Source: BlogHer)
  • 18.3 million women read blogs at least once a month
    (Source: Yahoo small business article)
    (Source: Dream Systems Media)
  • 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing
    (Source: Content Plus)

If you are a marketer and want to get all of the benefits of an Influencer program, but simply do not have the time, expertise or resources to get it done, we can help!

The Women’s Choice Award has assembled dozens of influential bloggers in a variety of niches (DIY, food, travel, millennials, mommy bloggers, etc.) that your brand can now tap into. Our team has personally screened each and every influencer on our board to ensure a good fit for our brands. Below is just a sampling of the influencers that are on our board:


  • 600,500 monthly unique visitors
  • 1.9 million monthly page views
  • Over 1 million social media followers
  • 129,000 email subscribers
  • Focuses on recipes


  • 689,000 monthly unique visitors
  • 1,000,000 monthly page views
  • Social media following: 53k Facebook, 3k Instagram, 8k Twitter
  • 20,300 email subscribers
  • Specializes in DIY, recipes, home and entertaining


  • Over 400k unique visitors/month
  • 1,000,000 monthly page views
  • Nearly 150,000 Facebook followers
  • Specializes in recipes, parenting, DIY and entertaining
  • Great party planning ideas


  • 650,000 page views/month
  • 400,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Over 157,000 social media followers
  • Food, travel, family and DIY


  • Over 576k unique visitors/month
  • 50,000 email subscribers
  • Focus is on saving money, DIY
  • Readers are college educated women between ages 30-39


  • Large millennial following
  • Focuses on healthy lifestyle and a balanced approach to life
  • Nutritionist
  • 135,695 monthly page views
  • Over 92,0000 social media followers


  • 2.0 million page views/month
  • 1.5 million unique visitors/month
  • 102,500 Pinterest followers
  • Crockpot/slow cooker recipes
  • Easy recipes with affordable ingredients


  • 100,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Over 98,000 social followers
  • Focuses on fitness, healthy lifestyle, weight loss & food
  • Published works in Women’s Health Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, & more!


  • Specializes in parenting, baby, travel and giveaways
  • Over 156,000 social media following
  • 105,000 monthly page views
  • Has been featured as a Top 50 Mom Blog


  • Focuses on busy mom needs and wants
  • 249,000-490,000 monthly page views
  • Over 142,000 social media followers
  • Blogs about family, food, activities kids will enjoy and more

Chelsea_NateChelsea & Nate

  • 120,000 monthly page views
  • 180,000 social media followers
  • Focuses on family, travel, food, home, and fun
  • Blog for growing and active young families


  • 35,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Social media following: 45k Facebook, 22k Pinterest, 25k Instagram
  • Main audience is modern millennial moms
  • Specializes in food, fashion, organization, beauty


  • 35,000 unique visitors/month
  • Over 17,000 Facebook followers
  • Specializes in recipes
  • Contributes to Better Home & Gardens Pinterest board, Today’s Food Club and Epicurious Community Table


  • Whole food oriented, Gluten Free
  • 445,000 monthly page views
  • Large millennial following
  • Specialties: Recipe development, Instagram Stories, Pinterest


  • 77,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • Simple and fun recipes, parenting, DIY, crafts and entertaining
  • Specializes in family and cooking with kids
  • Professional photography and video creation


  • 48,000 unique visitors/month
  • 55,000 social media followers
  • Specializes in fun ideas on cooking with children
  • Focuses on kids, parenting, recipes, traveling, etc.


  • 150,000 page views/month
  • 50,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Large millennial following
  • Vegan Recipes, restaurant reviews, beer


  • 300,000 monthly page views
  • 150,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Vegan recipes
  • Plant-based lifestyle
  • Healthy living tips


  • Recipes, health & wellness, entertainment, technology
  • 390,000 unique visitors; 527,000 monthly views
  • 127,000 social media followers
  • Nurse for 20 years


  • Specializes in lifestyle, travel, and recipes
  • Focuses on things that make today’s family life easier and better
  • Readers are predominately women, educated parents and grandmothers
  • Over 284,000 monthly page views and over 219,000 social media followers


  • Focuses on motherhood, style, beauty, interiors, lifestyle, & travel
  • Readers are moms of all ages
  • Over 140,000 monthly page views and over 94,000 social media followers
  • Works in the ER


  • Focuses on health, fitness and well being
  • Former personal trainer
  • Great baking ideas along with parenting, recipes, and parenting updates
  • Plant-based lifestyle
  • Readers are young moms and women ages 18-35


  • 1.2 Million monthly page views
  • 400,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Main audience is women between ages 25-40
  • Focus is on family friendly posts: reviews, giveaways, gift guides


  • Large millennial following
  • Certified holistic health and wellness coach
  • Over 8,000 Instagram followers
  • Fitness, Fashion, Food & Travel


  • Over 36k social media followers
  • Readers include women between 35-45 years old
  • Large vegetarian following
  • Clean eating recipes, projects, crafts, and organizing


  • Over 20,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Readers are moms of all ages
  • Food, DIY, Craft and Lifestyle

Gabby&HannahGabby & Hannah

  • Large college student following
  • College, baking, lifestyle, DIY
  • 19,000 page views per month
  • A College Blogger Initiative founder

Larisha_&_AndrewLarisha & Andrew

  • 37,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Social media following: 52,000
  • Main audience is parents between 25-34 years old
  • Specializes in parenting, recipes, and travel


  • Over 36,000 social media followers
  • Specializes in crafts, recipes, baking, travel & giveaways
  • Over 85k page views per month
  • 40,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Main audience: women, ages 25-45


  • 50,000 page views per month
  • 35,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Health, clean eating, fashion, DIY, home decorating


  • Great “Mommy Resource”
  • Recipes, reviews, DIY, paleo diet
  • Readers include women between the ages of 18-35


  • Specializes in family travel planning
  • Main audience: affluent couples with children
  • E-newsletter with over 110,000 subscribers
  • Over 14,000 Twitter followers


  • Over 58,000 social media followers
  • 7,000-18,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Fantastic engagement
  • Healthy eating, Recipes, Fashion, Travel, Contests


  • 50,000 unique monthly visitors
  • 98,000 monthly page views
  • Specializes in entertainment, reviews, food, travel


  • Specialized in parenting tips, motherhood and beauty/fashion
  • Main audience is millennials moms
  • Over 80, 000 Social Media followers
  • Featured on ABC News and CBS


  • Specialized in big dog breeds
  • Main audience is millennials fur moms
  • Over 20,000 Social Media followers
  • Over 95,000 monthly page views


  • Focuses on recipes
  • Main audience are moms
  • Over 407, 000 Social Media followers
  • Over 3,000,00 monthly page views
  • 30,000 Email subscribers


  • Healthy lifestyle, holistic healing, meditation, & inspirational content
  • National Association for Professional Women Woman of the Year 2017
  • Over 30,000 social media followers
  • Over 50,000 daily unique viewers


  • Focuses on Traveling – and making trips fun for the whole family!
  • Main audience is middle to upper class moms
  • Over 126,000 page views monthly
  • Seen on Travel Channel, Today show and Trivago among others


  • Focuses on decoration, recipes and DIY
  • Over 115,000 visitors a month
  • Professional photographer
  • 100,000 + followers on Instagram


  • Over 200K social media followers
  • Top mom blog with a green mom blog section
  • 4,000 email susbcribers
  • Specializes in parenting and family travel


  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Specializes in healthy recipes
  • Host of Good Food Friday on ABC’s Lowcountry Live
  • Regular contributor to CBS Good Day Sacramento and North and South Carolina based CBS WSPA-TV


  • One Million Social Media followers!
  • DIY, home decor, crafts, tutorials, recipes, transformations
  • Over 320K page views


  • Over 150,00 followers
  • Focuses on Home design and decoration
  • Featured on Rachel Ray


  • Over 60 K followers on Instagram
  • Focuses on Interior Design
  • Market editor for Souvenir, a lifestyle magazine


  • Over 650,00 followers
  • Focuses on Interior Design and Home Decoration
  • Featured Better Homes & Gardens, The Nate Show,, etc.

And many more!

Let us connect you to influential bloggers to promote your brand to a larger audience. With the right brand ambassador, you can get more powerful results than with traditional marketing campaigns. Let us show you how!

Additional benefits to utilizing bloggers:

  • Trackable leads and ROI
  • Blog posts live forever
  • Having external links back to your website helps with SEO
  • Bloggers have consumer trust and can sway an audience to purchase a product
  • Highly effective and low cost method of reaching consumers
Are you a blogger who wants to help women make smart consumer choices? If so, email Florencia Latino at to learn more information about joining our Blogger Board!