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America’s Most Recommended Retailers Brands

America’s Most Recommended Shoe Retailer*:


America’s Most Recommended Shoe Retailer View Full Profile

America’s Most Recommended Jewelry Retailer*:

Kay Jewelers

America’s Most Recommended Jewelry Retailer View Full Profile
*This brand carries the Women’s Choice Award seal, supporting the empowerment of women and helping to simplify her choice.

Luxury ‘High-End’ Jewelry Retailer

Jewelry Retailer

Home Food Delivery Service

Tea Retailer

Shoe Retailer

Maternity Retailer

Hair Salon

Make Up Retailer

Sports Retailer

Gaming Retailer

Chocolate Retailer

Furniture Retailer

Lingerie Retailer

Vitamin Retailer

Infant / Toddler Clothing Retailer

Watch Retailer

Eyeglass Retailer

Handbag Retailer

Sunglass Retailer

Private Children’s Fitness Program

Private Gym / Fitness Center

Pet Store

Craft Retailer

Dollar Store

Smoothie Chain

Jamba Juice

Fruit Basket Delivery Service

edible arragements

Bath & Body Retailer

bath and body works

Movie Theater

Specialty Lingerie



Sports Bras

Specialty Workout Clothing

Specialty Yoga Clothing

Running Shoes

Tennis Shoes

Golf Shoes


Specialty Designer Swimwear

Rain Boots



Online Jewelry Retailer

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