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9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Wafer Cookie

About Voortman:

Only a few years after arriving in Canada from the Netherlands in 1948, teenage brothers Bill and Harry Voortman set out with a modest goal of being self-employed and carrying on in their family’s tradition. After experimenting with different types of pies and doughnuts, customers were excited when the Voortman brothers started baking their first cookies. With success comes growth, and they started to develop new tastes and greater varieties for their growing number of loyal customers. In the 1970s, committed to high-quality ingredients and fresh products, Voortman adopted its new Dutch Girl logo and its “Traditional Family Baking, Quality Guaranteed!” commitment.

In the 1990s wafer cookies made their debut in a closed cello wrap. Roll packs become a hit as a distinct Voortman package. Sugar-Free wafers launched in 1998, preparing the way for a whole new line of Sugar-Free cookies to follow. In 2003, Voortman announced plans to eliminate Trans Fats from all products. This goal was achieved by April 2004, making Voortman the first North American food manufacturer to completely eliminate Trans Fats from all of its products, and making their cookies taste better than ever at the same time.

In 2017, Voortman was awarded with the Women’s Choice Award as a 9 out of 10 customer recommended wafer cookie. Today Voortman Cookies continues to strive towards providing consumers with new innovations, regular product improvements, as well as a vast array of sugar free cookie options. Women across America agree, if you’re looking for a highly recommended wafer cookie, Voortman is a great choice!