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America’s Most Recommended Olives


About Us

Family Operated. California Grown.

Their consistent high standards have attracted a loyal and dedicated workforce that’s always striving to create a better company while having fun along the way. They understand that business is about much more than just a can of olives or jar of peppers. They know that you need to count on them to give you a delicious and superior product, every time.

Although they’ve grown in size, they are still a family run business. Their roots run deep in the way they care about employees, the community, environment, and the olive trees and pepper plants that growers harvest. And just like the fabled olive tree, they believe in taking their time as we grow to ensure we never lose sight of our values.

Through the Lindsay brand name, their mission at Bell-Carter Foods is to share our enthusiasm and passion for these wonderfully versatile foods with you.

Our Products