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America’s Most Recommended Italian White Wine
9 Out of 10 Customer Recommended Red Wine

About Santa Margherita:

The Santa Margherita-Gruppo Vinicolo, our parent company, is one of the leading ambassadors of Italian excellence around the world. From Venice and Rome to New York and Shanghai, our bottles have written the history of Italian wine. Love and respect for the territory, attention to native grape varieties, a deep bond with tradition, and a ceaseless pursuit of quality are our founding principles, and they drive our passion every day. Award-winning Santa Margherita USA’s mission is to engage and delight consumers with our brands and establish ourselves as leaders of food and wine culture in the United States. Our vision is to become the most progressive and active supplier in the U.S.. Women across America agree, if you’re looking for the best Italian red wine and Italian white wine then Santa Margherita is your #1 choice.

Pinot Grigio

Chianti Classico Riserva


Most winemakers will tell you, the less manipulation of the grapes and vineyards, the higher the quality of wine produced. We agree, but we also welcome the use of gentle, non-invasive technology to improve the production process and remain as efficient as possible. We apply organic land management practices that contribute to the long-term health of our environment. Our computerized, in-ground irrigation systems are designed to reduce water evaporation and runoff making them more efficient. In Chianti Classico, our winemakers employ “extreme organic farming,” eliminating the need for conventional chemical pesticides, and in Veneto, we hand-harvest 90% of our grapes to preserve their freshness and delicate flavors. In addition, we are excited to announce that we will soon be ready for our global organic certification.