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We identify the best children’s hospitals that mothers and fathers can take their children to with the expectation to receive excellent and comprehensive care. The Best Children’s Hospitals award criteria looks at 5 different facility areas to determine which hospital is eligible for the Women’s Choice Award. These areas are Pediatric Services, Technology and Family Resources, Board Certified Staff, Nurses and Support Staff and the facility’s Commitment to Quality.

0-5 points are assigned to each measure with the exception of NICU, which earns five points for a Level IV and two points for a Level III. Points for hospital staffing were assigned based on the number of beds per board, certified pediatric professional, with those having the least average beds scoring the most points. Each of these results was also weighted based on the average beds per physician for all reporting hospitals.

We’ve Researched the 2019 Top Chidren’s Hospitals for You.

Women’s Choice Award sends out annual surveys to US Children’s hospitals to gather general purpose information in 4 major categories.
Best Children's Hospitals for Pediatrics Services


Pediatric services category determines whether a hospital has the following care units:
Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Emergency Room and Pediatric Trauma Center.

Best Children's Hospitals for Technology and Family Resources


Technology and Family Resources examines if a hospital is equipped to nurturing families and continues to strive for medical advances. Telehealth Technology, Conducts Research, Life Specialists, Recreation Therapists and Family Accommodations.


The Qualified Doctors category looks at how many board-certified doctors are available in several different areas of medicine.
Anesthesiologists, radiologists, cardiologists, board-certified orthopedics, endocrinologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, oncologists, neurologists, neonatologists, psychiatrists and emergency medicine.

Best Children's Hospitals for Commitment to Quality


Commitment to Quality evaluates the hospital’s commitment to maintaining high-quality healthcare and patient standards.
Accreditation of facility, patient satisfaction measurement, the impact of patient satisfaction with staff’s performance and discharged patient satisfaction.

Hospital Testimonials

“We are honored to be named a 2017 Best Children’s Hospital. This is a true testament to our high quality, family centered care and growth as a leading pediatric healthcare facility.”

James. E. Shmerling, DHA, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“This recognition reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and best experience for the children and families we’re entrusted to serve.”

Richard Azizkhan, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

“At Dayton Children’s, moms know we treat their kids like they are our own.  We are honored that the Women’s Choice Award proves that trust.

Deborah A. Feldman, President & CEO, Dayton Children’s Hospital

2019 Best Children’s Hospitals Awards

The following hospitals earned the Women’s Choice Award for Best Children’s Hospital and are supporting our mission in empowering parents through research, education and charitable donations.
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Best Children's Hospitals in your area
We encourage every hospital to support our mission and every mom and dad to make the best choice for their children’s healthcare. We are honored that 96% of moms trust women’s choice award to support their healthcare choices.

Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Care Center – Anaheim

Address: 3440 E La Palma Ave Anaheim, CA 92806 Telephone: (717) 644-2000 View Full Profile

Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Care Center – Downey

Address: 9353 E. Imperial Hwy Downey, CA 90242 Telephone: (800) 823-4040 View Full Profile

Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Care Center – Fontana

Address: 9961 Sierra Avenue Fontana, CA 92335 Telephone: (909) 427-5000 View Full Profile
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Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Care Center – Los Angeles

Address: 4867 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 Telephone: (800) 954-8000 View Full Profile

Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Care Center – San Diego

Address: 9455 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92123 Telephone: (858) 266-5000 View Full Profile

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

Address: 160 East Erie Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134 Telephone: (215) 427-5000 View Full Profile
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