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Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion


9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Therapeutic Repair Lotion

About Adamia:

It all began with a philosophy of caring and a tree. Hurting skin interrupts life. And nowhere is it more evident than among our aging population. We know because for years, we’ve been consistently caring for those patients, family and friends, whose skin is in need of a solution. We found the solution in the macadamia tree. A tree simple in natural beauty but complex in its skin-health benefits. Because macadamia oil is most like skin’s natural oils, it penetrates like no other lotion to restore health to skin and peace to living. This ancient remedy has worked for centuries. And that’s why we use it to change lives today. We love quieting hurting skin. We love that we do it with a natural remedy infused with good science. And we especially love that every day we have an opportunity to make someone’s life better.

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Therapeutic Repair Lotion


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Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion


“I have diabetes. So I struggle with slow wound healing and scarring. I have tried numerous products. Nothing works as well as Adāmia. I use it as soon as possible when I get a skin tear. It’s helped the healing process and minimizes the appearance of scars. I love it so much I have started to use it all over my body!”

“Adāmia lotion has been amazing for our residents. It’s absorbed instantly into the skin. As a result, the skin tears have dramatically reduced. Dry, cracked skin shows significant improvement in just a few days, which confirms the good absorption and that equals better protection for the skin.”
Christine, Director of Nursing